AGE Wish List

Your donations of items for our programs help AGE of Central Texas keep our costs low and allow us to serve more of our Central Texas neighbors!


All Programs:

  • USB Webcams
  • Laptops


  • Large Flip Charts/Easel Pads; 25″x30″, sticky or non-sticky, used partials accepted 
  • Standing Easels for flip charts, good condition used accepted 
  • 2″ Heavy duty 3-ring binders, clear pocket cover, good condition used accepted 
  • Folders with 3 metal prongs and 2 pockets, plastic or paper, good condition used accepted 

    Thrive Social & Wellness Centers:

    • Paint (a variety of colors or watercolors, washable tempura, and acrylic) 
    • Paint brushes 
    • Markers (a wide variety of colors in thick or thin tip., washable; prefer packs of more than 10 for a bigger variety of colors) 
    • Colored pencils 
    • Paper (white or black cardstock, packages of 11″x14″ watercolor/painting paper) 
    • Jewelry-making supplies (jewelry making string, beads, or pieces) 
    • Glitter – any and all colors are appreciated 
    • Scissors 
    • One-hole punch 
    • Stickers – all kinds 
    • No. 2 pencils 
    • Trivia books 
    • Large print word search and crosswords books 
    • Adult coloring books 
    • Thin sticks for Hot Glue guns 
    • Elmer’s School Glue 
    • Glue sticks 
    • Pipe cleaners in a variety of colors 
    • Essential Oils 
    • Lysol  
    • Clorox Wipes 
    • Modular organization system (pegboard) 
    • Workbench 

            Health Equipment Lending Program: