Invest in AGE's Future

Can AGE of Central Texas Be a Part of Your Story?

You can ensure that AGE of Central Texas is able to provide older adults and caregivers the resources they need for years to come with a planned gift.

AGE accepts a variety of assets as gifts. Donors are encouraged to name AGE as beneficiary of estate bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance designations, retirement plan designations, donor advised funds or IRA rollovers. Attempts shall be made to discover bequest expectancies in the Declaration of Intent Form in order to preemptively align such gifts with current policies and meet all needs and expectations of the donor.

What You Need From Us:

Legal Name:
Austin Groups for the Elderly

Legal Address:  
3710 Cedar Street, Box 2
Austin, TX 78737

Tax Identification Number:

What We Need From You:

Please complete this Declaration of Intent Form, which will provide us with details on how you plan to give to AGE!

Types of Planned Gifts:

Name AGE in your will, trust or other estate plan document. This can be specified as a dollar amount or estate percentage. Sample will language below.
Life Insurance:

Name AGE as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and the death benefit will pass to AGE upon your passing.

Retirement Plans:

Name AGE as a beneficiary to your IRA, 401(K), 403(B), pension, or other tax-deferred plan. This is a simple way to make a gift upon your death and can provide tax benefits as well.

Appreciated Securities:

Giving securities, including stocks and bonds, and mutual funds is easy and effective. A gift of appreciated securities to AGE can provide a tax deduction and help avoid capital gains tax. Recipient broker account information available upon request.

Gift of Personal Property:

Make a gift of an asset no longer needed and generate an income tax deduction. Ex: Artwork, jewelry or cars.

Gift of Real Estate or Mineral Interests:

Give your home, ranch, vacation property, commercial property or vacant lot. If your property has appreciated, giving it to AGE can provide a tax deduction and help avoid capital gains tax.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (Charitable IRA Rollover):

Give a tax-free IRA charitable rollover without being subject to income taxes on the required minimum distribution. You must be 70.5 years of age or older.

Donor Advised Funds:

Give through a donor advised fund to make a charitable contribution, and then recommend donations to AGE from the fund over time.


Giving cash is simple and the most basic way to make a difference at AGE. Set up a recurring gift to be paid monthly or quarterly as an easy way to maximize your income tax relief while increasing your impact.

Please email Jayden Beatty at or call at 512-600-9284 for questions about any of the ways to give.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For legal or tax advice, donors should consult an attorney and/or tax advisor. Examples are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change.

Information for Lawyers and Advisors:

If you are an attorney or advisor working on the estate plans of a client, please contact Jayden Beatty, Chief Development Officer,  at  Our legal name is “Austin Groups for the Elderly” and Tax Identification Number is 74-2431028.

Sample Statement of Allocation:

I hereby direct $_______ (or ____ percent of my residual estate) in cash, securities, or other property to Austin Groups of the Elderly.

This gift will be unrestricted to benefit the organization at their discretion. OR

This gift shall be restricted to be used as (explain donor’s intended use of funds).

Please contact Jayden Beatty, Chief Development Officer, by email at or by phone at 512-600-9284 with any questions or to pledge a planned gift.

The Impact of YOUR Gift:

AGE works diligently to diversify funding and establish sustainability funds that can be depended on through any potential financial crisis or changes.   Unrestricted planned gifts made to AGE will go toward AGE’s sustainability funds to ensure that any future financial hardships like that seen during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by AGE will not impact the organization’s ability to provide services to older adults and caregivers in need.  Donors have the right to restrict their gift to be used for specific purposes. If the donor’s allocation of this restricted gift isn’t possible upon receival of the gift, AGE will re-allocate that gift to a similar endeavor or to support sustainability funds. Allocation changes will be communicated to the donor if possible or with the executor of the donor’s estate. 

Make a Gift:

Interested in helping older adults and caregivers in need right now? You can give a re-occurring or one-time gift to offer older adults virtual programming designed to combat the negative effects of isolation, meal solutions for those facing food insecurity during this time, and access to hygiene products and durable medical equipment for those who can’t afford them. Click here to donate and learn more. Ready to make your planned gift? Please complete the Declaration of Intent Form.

The Shared Journey Society:

For those who make the ultimate commitment to AGE of Central Texas, we invite you to join The Shared Journey Society. The Shared Journey Society is a way for AGE of Central Texas to acknowledge your commitment. Society members will be invited to special events and be recognized on our website and in special publications. Click here to learn more.
Thank you to our Planned Giving Program Sponsors!