April 15 - May 15, 2024

We’re looking to you – a community that cares – to help collect 10,000 adult pull-ups for older adults in need! Here’s how you can help -

As individuals age, maintaining dignity and quality of life becomes increasingly important, especially for older adults grappling with incontinence—a condition posing both physical and emotional challenges. Join our compassionate initiative, the Donation Drive for Dignity, helping provide adult pull-ups to older adults in need. Through your contribution, we address unique challenges, particularly for those with low incomes, restoring dignity by providing essential products like adult pull-ups that promote comfort, hygiene, and confidence, alleviating the stigma associated with incontinence and enhancing the overall quality of life for our neighbors in need. Details for how to donate will be available once the drive begins. 

Sponsor or Host a Site

 Joining as a sponsor showcases your commitment to community well-being and fosters a sense of inclusivity and support for individuals managing incontinence.

Sign Up to Lead a Team Drive

Embark on a compassionate journey by starting your own incontinence supply drive team starting April 15! Gather workmates or a group of caring individuals who share the common goal of supporting those facing incontinence challenges.

Presenting Sponsor

For media inquiries please reach out to Jayden Beatty, Chief Development and Communications Officer at JBeatty@AGEofCentralTX.org