Williamson County Caregiver Conference Presenter Materials

“Championing Caregivers in Central Texas: Advocacy and Legislation” Amanda H. Fredriksen, Associate State Director ofAdvocacy for AARP in Texas “Looking at Art: A Shared Experience”Monique O’Neil, Blanton Museum of Art MuseumEducator, Family and Community Programs “Preventing Falls and Caregiver Safety”Dr. Amy Walters, Assistant Professor, Doctor of Physical Program,St. Augustine University Read more…

Striking a Balance 2019 Presenter Materials

Keynote Presentation “Bridging the Family Communication Gap” – Dr. Eboni Green:Part 1Part 2 Breakout Session Presentations: “Advanced Care Planning” – Ginny Erboe, RN, and  “Combating Fraud and Scams” – Caryn Gulas “Coping with Grief” – Dr. Eboni Green:Part 1Part 2Part 3 “Medication Safety” – Dr. Christy Khoury-Dennis