Become a Part of the Change!

AGE of Central Texas cannot stand silent in the wake of recent and continuing events indicating how far we, as a nation, still have to go in the pursuit of racial equality.  This country is realizing the pain caused by a long history of social injustice and inequity toward our citizens of color.  Racism and brutality tear at the fabric of morality and justice.  Systemic issues that allow for such disparity cannot, and will not, be cured until the systems at the heart of our past and present are repaired.  

The deaths of George Floyd, Michael Ramos, and so many others before them must not be drowned in anger and rage, but serve as a wake-up call to not just identify the flaws in our various systems but to take the drastic steps needed to turn it on its head.  To stand together, we must stand for one another.

We believe that growing older should be an equal opportunity proposition.  Our aging community in Central Texas, and those caring for older adults, span every socioeconomic background, race, ethnic group, age, and gender.  Older adults represent the most diverse cohort in our country, and should have the right to age with the grace and dignity that every human life deserves, no matter the color of their skin.   

AGE of Central Texas has been – and will continue to be – an ally for people of color.  AGE will continue to eradicate  social inequalities by fighting to ensure that older adults and caregivers receive much-deserved care, dignity and respect.

We are committed to working with local officials, organizations, and communities to enact long-lasting social change for the aging community.  We will educate ourselves and the community on how best to support people of color.  We will evaluate, identify, and eradicate areas within ourselves and those we partner with where oppression, bias, or prejudice still resides.

Change is overdue, and we are committed to being a part of the solution. To that end, AGE will be taking the time to have courageous conversations within the community and make sure that AGE’s internal values reflect those conversations. 

We encourage you to join in these courageous conversations.