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Caregivers often feel isolated and alone. AGE of Central Texas can change that. 

Whether you are looking for information, education, ideas, or an understanding ear, we are here to help you as you help your senior loved one navigate the challenges of aging.

Search through the resources below, or use the search engine above to find specific topics.

AGE also offers educational events, information, resources, and support groups for people who provide care to an aging or disabled adult. Through collaborative relationships, we help to educate the community about the value of caregiving.  All of our caregiver services are provided at no cost. Please call us at (512) 600-9275 for assistance, or send us an email (se habla español)

Also See:

Caregiver Guide (PDF format) – Comprehensive guide to Central Texas resources and information

Caregiver Support Groups (PDF format) – Comprehensive list of Central Texas support groups for family caregivers

5 Legal Documents Every Caregiver and Senior Adult Should Have (PDF format) – courtesy of Caregiver Lecture Series presenter and Austin elder law attorney Mark Tarrant
8 Unselfish Ways for a Caregiver to Take Care of Yourself (PDF format) – tips for caregivers on how to ease your life
Activities for Caregivers to Share with Persons Who Have Dementia (PDF format) – tips and suggestions from dementia expert Nancy Turco.
AGE Caregiver Blog
 – Information and insight on caring for an older family member.
Alzheimers and Dementia National Resources Directory: Links courtesy to products and resources for both Alzheimers/dementia patients and family caregivers.
Alzheimer’s Disease Medications Fact Sheet – Information from the National Institute on Aginng, available in both English and Spanish.
Alzheimer’s Disease Respite Groups and Day Care – Alzheimer’s-specific community-based respite groups throughout Central Texas, courtesy of Alzheimer’s Texas.
Alzheimer’s Disease Support Groups in Central Texas – Comprehensive list of Alzheimer’s-specific support groups throughout Central Texas, courtesy of Alzheimer’s Texas.
Brain Exercise Activities for Older Adults with Early Dementia (PDF format) – ideas for activities that you can try with an older adult experiencing early dementia.

Caregiving Cafe Support Groups (PDF format) – Five locations of free Central Texas area weekly support groups for family caregivers.
Caregivers and Exercise (PDF format) – Finding some time for regular exercise can be very important to your overall physical and mental well-being, so here are some caregiver exercise tips from the National Institute on Aging
Caregiver’s Guide to Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia (PDF format) – download a free copy, courtesy of Transamerica and MIT AgeLab.
Caregiver Toolkit: Comprehensive website from A Place For Mom with guides and checklists to help family caregivers to better manage their caregiving journey.
Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers – courtesy of the Dementia Care Foundation.
Coping with Caregiving (PDF format) – Comprehensive booklet by past Williamson County Caregiver Conference keynote speaker Andrew Crocker, M.S., addressing how to manage stress when caring for an elderly family member.
Dementia Respite Directory (PDF format) – Central Texas regional dementia respite groups directory.
Drive a Senior 2015 Ride Guide (PDF format) – Senior transportation options for the Greater Austin area.
Early Memory Loss and Dementia (PDF) – Tips to help in determining if your loved one’s memory loss is normal aging or something more.
Eldercare Locator – A public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families; you can also reach them at 1-800-677-1116.
Falls Prevention Facts – National Council on Aging fact sheet on falls prevention; falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans.
Fall Prevention Tips (PDF format) – Tips on how to prevent falls in senior adults, from AGE’s CaregiverU program.
HIV & Aging (PDF format) – Comprehensive information about the challenges and risks of HIV in the aging population, and where to find resources in the Central Texas area.
Lewy Body Dementia — Recognizing When It Is Not Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease
 (PDF format) – Informational brochure filled with facts about Lewy body dementia.
Long-Distance Caregiving – online portal and free PDF booklet from the National Institute on Aging.
Respite Care Video – great informational video from the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services explaining respite care and how if benefits both the care recipient and the caregiver.
Senior Road Guide – Tips on how to stay on the road safely and longer as you age, plus how to tell if your loved one should no longer be driving.
Transportation and the ADA – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) National Network Disability Law Handbook.
Williamson County Caregiver Support Groups (PDF) – comprehensive list of caregiver support groups in Georgetown and Round Rock.
Williamson County Community Resources (PDF) – Transportation, neurology/psychiatry services, in-home care, and other services in Georgetown and Round Rock.
Williamson County Programs for Older Adults with Dementia (PDF) – List of adult day health centers, respite programs, and senior centers in Georgetown and Round Rock.
Working Caregivers: Finding a Balance (PDF) – Information from the Administration on Aging on how to cope with the stress and emotions related to caregiving, and suggestions on how you can better balance caregiving.

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“Aging Answers” podcasts – practical answers to your caregiver questions:
– “What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?”
– “What is respite care?”
– “Is memory loss a normal part of aging?
– “How do you answer difficult questions asked by someone with dementia?”
– “Why do people with dementia ask the same questions repeatedly?”
– “Tips for selecting home health care”
– “
When should you reveal your medical diagnosis?”
– “What are support groups, and why are they important to self-care?”

“Caregiver to Caregiver” podcasts – caregiver advice and suggestions from fellow caregivers:
– “Episode #1” – create a special space for your loved one with dementia
– “Episode #2” – tips that caregivers need to consider when selecting home health care
Adult Day Health Care – News story by Time Warner Cable News 8 Austin about the adult day health care as a long-term care option for senior adults.
Respite: Caring for the Caregiver – informational video from Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area, and featuring members, families, and staff of the AGE Round Rock Adult Day Health Center.



AARP Caregiving Resource Center – extensive online resource with tools, tips and information for caregivers
Alzheimer’s Texas – information, referrals, and a variety of support programs for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their family members, caregivers and professionals
Austin Seniors’ Guide – Austin area resources for seniors and their families
Capital City Village – Austin’s virtual community of seniors committed to aging in place and community
Caregiving Cafe – Useful links, contacts, resources, and information about all aspects of caregiving
Caregiver Forum –  A place for caregivers to ask questions or discuss problems they face daily. It’s a place for other caregivers to offer suggestions, tips, comfort and support to help those new to this role.
City of Austin Senior Services – City seniors programs and services
Drive a Senior – Regional resources for seniors
Elder Options of Texas – An online Texas senior care and housing directory also featuring a senior blog, Texas senior events calendar, 50Plus Forum, helpful aging and caregiver resources and contacts throughout the state, and more U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website with numerous fact sheets and resources on long-term care planning, advance care planning, and benefits information
Military and Veterans Benefits
: national website facilitated by Veterans and National Guard members, with news, resources, and updates
National Institute on Aging – National Institute on Health website with a wide variety of research-based information and resources related to health and aging
Parkinson’s Association – Capital Area, with support groups and online resources
Senior Resource Guide – Resources for active aging adults, caregivers, and elder care professionals in Texas
Take Time Texas – Extensive list of resources from Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services
Texas Seniors’ Guide – Information guiding families through the maze of senior services, activities, and resources 

Adult Day Health Care Association of Texas – Suggestions on getting the most out of Adult Day Health Care 
Area Agency on Aging
 – All of Central Texas
Aging Services Council of Central Texas – All of Central Texas
The Caring Place – Georgetown
Drive a Senior – Elgin
Drive a Senior – Hays County
Drive a Senior – North Central Austin

Drive a Senior – Northeast Austin
Drive a Senior – Northwest Austin

Drive a Senior – South Austin
Drive a Senior – Southwest Austin
Drive a Senior – West Austin
Faith in Action Georgetown – Drive a Senior Georgetown
Family Eldercare
Meals on Wheels Central Texas
Meals on Wheels Central Texas In-Home Care (formerly H.A.N.D.)
Medical Access Program (MAP)

Round Rock Area Servicing Center
Senior Access – Transportation for older adults in Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, and East Austin

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AGE of Central Texas is an objective, third-party resource and referral provider. We do not receive compensation in any way from any of the service providers we recommend, we have no vested interest in steering our clients in one direction or the other. We offer resources and help families decide what is right for their circumstances and needs.