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Donate Equipment & Financial Gifts

Do YOU have a . . . Wheelchair in the garage? Cane in the closet?

If you have "gently used" health or mobility equipment gathering dust in your home, or unneeded incontinence products like adult diapers and bed pads, bring them to us! We offer free, no-time-limit loans of your donated items to needy people here in Central Texas. Every piece we make available to the community comes directly from donors like you. Directions and donation hours are below.

What kinds of equipment donations does AGE of Central Texas accept?

Items you can donate to AGE are listed here. For information about donations of equipment not listed, please contact the office directly. PLEASE NOTE - We are not able to accept prescription medications or medical equipment that can only be distributed via prescription (such as oxygen concentrators).

If you'd like to make a financial donation, click here.


Why Donate to AGE of Central Texas?

You'll be making life easier for someone in need. Your unwanted or unneeded items have life-changing power when they enter the households of elderly or disabled people. When you reach out with a donation, here's what you're really providing to our community's most vulnerable people:

Safety. Those grab bars and tub rails will help prevent harmful falls in the home.

Mobility. That wheelchair or walker will get someone out of the bedroom and back into the world!

Independence. That plain old cane can be the difference between staying home all day or getting out for a doctor's appointment or lunch with friends.

Opportunity. That electric scooter means that someone who was homebound can go to the market, the library, the senior center, to church, or just for a "stroll" around the neighborhood with a grandchild.

Dignity. The shower chair you donated will help someone wash up privately and without assistance. And the adult diapers you donated will prevent embarrassing accidents.

Donations are tax-deductible. Donors receive an itemized receipt with our organization's tax ID number to make filing easy.

Testimonials - Watch a video testimonial from a caregiver about the equipment lending services.



Help AGE!
Items needed most urgently are:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Rollators (walkers with seats and hand-brakes)
  • Shower Chairs
  • Hand-held Showerheads
  • Adult Incontinence Products (especially pull-up-style diapers)

Pick it up. When you get here, you'll fill out the loan agreement form and sign for the items. Directions and office hours are below.

Caregivers and Equipment Users: Save time!  Print the loan agreement form, fill it out, and bring it to the AGE HELP office when you pick up your equipment.

Directions and Office Hours:

Our address is 3710 Cedar Street, Austin, TX 78705. Click here for directions to the historic AGE Building.

When you arrive, pull into the circular drive, and enter the building through the double doors. Our office is right across the hall from the double doors (click here for building map).

Donation/pickup hours: 9:30–4:30 Monday through Friday

Direct line for the Health equipment lending office phone is 512-600-9288

Email: HELP@AGEofCentralTX.org


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